French Mortgage Connection arrange mortgages with banks in France for buyers requiring a French mortgage to purchase a French property...

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Terms of Business

We are pleased to confirm our Terms of Business, which are set out in the 8 paragraphs below....

  1. We do not charge fees to clients for our own services. We, as a company, derive our income from the introducer's fee paid after legal completion by most French banks and mortgage lenders to registered mortgage brokers. Most lenders usually have an application / arrangement fee structure for the setting up the mortgage itself, which must be paid by the client direct to the lender - normally this only upon acceptance of the lenders' mortgage offer by the client. We do not arrange mortgages below € 80,000 euros.
  2. We may refer you, if requested, to other firms for specialist advice (for example, for legal, tax and financial advice or translation services). Any fees then charged by other firms or advisers are a matter between yourself and the firm in question. We cannot give, nor accept, any warranty for any advice or services provided by third party firms or advisers, whether we refer you to them or not.
  3. In signing our Terms of Business you will be authorising us to act on your behalf in securing a mortgage. Where there is more than one of you, as clients, we shall accept the instructions given verbally or in writing from any one of you as applying to all of you. We will act on your behalf and not on the behalf of any lender we approach to place your requirements. You consent to us holding information relating to your financial and other relevant personal circumstances. This information may be disclosed to French lenders and to firms of Financial Advisers, French or UK insurance providers in connection with Life Assurance or other types of insurance quotations. Otherwise, information will not be disclosed to any other third parties without your prior permission, unless paragraph 9 (below) is applicable in your case.
  4. The authority to act on your behalf may be terminated at any time (by either party - i.e. by you or by us) but without prejudice to the completion of any mortgage transactions already initiated and introduced by us to any mortgage lender.
  5. The French Mortgage Connection Terms of Business are governed, and shall be construed in accordance with, English Law only regardless of your domicile.
  6. If you have been introduced to us by existing financial advisers, then normally any Life or other types of insurances required will be provided and advised upon by your existing financial adviser. Such cover must meet the specific requirements of the French lender for UK issued policies (where acceptable) and must be kept in force at all times. If you have been introduced to us by another firm or third party, then you consent to us providing feedback and progress notification to the firm or person in question, as and when appropriate.
  7. In signing these Terms of Business you acknowledge that we have drawn to your attention the advantages and desirability of seeking and taking legal advice and representation from a qualified UK solicitor in all your dealings relating to your purchase. In particular relating to the differing nature of the French legal system and its impact on inheritance, taxation and other related issues. A list of recommended firms and individuals is available in the Links page of our website.
  8. The timing and physical release of French mortgage funds is a matter between you, the French Notaire(s) acting in the transaction and the French mortgage lender, as such fund release is a procedural matter, where you, the French Notaire(s) or the French lender must have completed certain aspects or have supplied and received certain acceptance or other documentation before money can be physically released by the lender. Normally, most cases complete without undue delays. We will undertake to proactively assist clients in whatever ways we reasonably can regarding obtaining the timely release of mortgage funds, but we cannot warranty such release, nor the timing, nor can we accept any liability whatsoever for any procedural delay which may occur beyond our own control.

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Statutory Warnings: Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured upon it. The Sterling equivalent of your liability under a foreign currency mortgage may be increased by exchange rate movements. A Life Insurance policy will be required for each mortgage borrower. All mortgages are subject to Status and are not available to those under age 18 years. Written details upon request.

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